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Things to do? Day trips!

Turtles Watch
Great sea turtles come to Rekawa beach for laying eggs almost every night. Would you like to see it?

Yala National Park Safary
Jeep safari in the one of the largest and most important national parks in Sri Lanka. Elephants, leopards, crocodiles, peacocks and other animals and birds - you have to see all of them!

Galle Fort & Tea Plantation
The old Portuguese fort and town within. Walk by old narrow streets full of caf and boutiques located in colonization era buildings. Sightseeing can be combined with shopping. Also you can visit tea plantation on the way to there or back.

Budurugavala Rock Carvings
Try Googling? Nothing? Very few tourists know about this place lost in jungle. Buddha statue (15,5 m) and other ... statues :) Carved in the rock over a thousand years ago.

Karambagala Caves
Buddhist temple located on the hill in the middle of jungle. Just beautiful view from the top, the opportunity to look at the life of monks living in caves.

Mulkirigala Temple & Blow Hole
Various statues and sculptures from all over Asia are installed in the ancient cave temple. A good practice before you go to Adam Peak climb to the top by steep stair and enjoy the views. On the way back, if desired, you can visit the Blow Hole.

Horton Plains National Park
Enjoy spectacular view of island from cliff located on 2000m attitude. Eight kilometers walking tour around highland plateau will take several hours. May be it would be better to go early if you don't want to spend pretty cold night in the mountains.

Whale Watching
You sail in the boat, whales swim nearby - very simple :)

Boat Ride on the Lagoon
It's romantic ... Sunset, river, jungle and no one around ... except for thousands of birds, lizards, monkeys, peacocks, mongoose, pelicans and couple of crocodiles.

Sea ​​Fishing
A real Lanka fisherman in sarong will not let you fall out of the boat while you are pulling a huge fish. Funny adventure :) Just need to wake up very, very early.

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